Dear you, welcome to our website. All information you find here is derived from the official information of VITAE AG and has been elaborated and presented as carefully as possible.

We are a super enthusiastic and fast-growing team within the VITAE organization. We help each other in different ways of promoting VITAE. Because together we are that which makes Vitae!


VITAE is a new Social Media Platform with a vision. For example, they guarantee our privacy and do not sell our data to third parties. 

VITAE offers an ad-free timeline, stands for freedom of expression and rewards all members for their activities on the platform.

How unique is that ?!

We, as a team, want to inform you about the possibilities within VITAE via this website. This information is purely informative and should not be construed as financial advice or anything of that nature.

VITAE is now in the beta phase. A free account will be possible once this phase is completed. We expect the public launch to take place sometime in the coming months.

In this video we’ll tell you a little bit about ourselves and VITAE.

The official videos of VITAE AG on the next page explain more about the philosophy and functioning of an account.